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About Becks Plumbing Repairs

Becks Plumbing Repairs

Becks Plumbing Repairs was founded by Randy Beck in 1984. Since then, Becks has grown as a successful plumbing repair company. Most of Becks business is a result of client referral and word-of-mouth. Randy Beck continues to be an integral part of the business, working on-site with his certified and thoroughly trainied plumbers and technicians.

Beck’s Plumbing also specializes in hydrostatic testing and water pressure loss.

Becks Peace of Mind Program

Becks Peace of Mind Program

Our Annual Peace of Mind Plumbing Agreement Program is designed to reduce stress, increase comfort and save you money. With this agreement your home plumbing will be inspected and will help anticipate failure before it happens.

Your home is probably the largest investment that you will ever make, the $14.95 per month cost of the agreement is far exceeded by its value in savings to you, plus your Peace of Mind.

Once a year, a Technician will check the condition of your plumbing system making any minor repairs, such as, tightening loose faucet handles and packing nuts. The technician will test each emergency shut off valves under sinks, toilets, and water heater; to insure proper operation. The main water supply valve will be located, tested, and then all valves will be tagged for respective identification.

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